Enrico Riva

My story with Paragliding.

enrico riva

My dream: FLY

My story with paragliding began when I was a child, when on hot summer afternoons I enjoyed dangling my legs between the bars of the balcony railing of the house. I was 8 years old and I got excited when I saw so many colorful kites flying in the air.

I was amazed when I realized that the sail was not guided from the ground, there was no wire that supported it, but was supported by arms, which, based on the wind, piloted it in the air.
Intrigued, I spent all afternoons admiring them.

I finally had my first flying experience.

One fine day my father took me by the hand and accompanied me on take off, from where the sails departed. It was incredible to see people arrive with large backpacks on their shoulders and in a short time, with a short run, disappear on the horizon.

After a few days, my father took me there again and while he was accompanying me he asked me if I would like to fly with one of those pilots. I was in seventh heaven, I couldn’t wait to get there !!!

In a short time, with the helmet on and harnessed, I was the protagonist of that splendid day. I was in flight and I saw the vast landscape get lost up to the immense horizon.


My Flight Experience

Having reached the age of majority and economic independence, I enrolled in the Paragliding Course and, happy to have achieved my goal, I realized that this was not just any sport, but a lifestyle that has accompanied me to this day.

Patented in six months, I flew every day and after three years I obtained the qualification for Tandem Flight.

Since 2013 I have collaborated with the local school as a helper / instructor and pilot in two-seater.

Throughout my vololiberal experience, I have participated in several and important competitions, but my greatest satisfaction is to accompany the passengers and make them relive the same emotion felt as a child.

Thanks to the many hours of flight and to the 3rd Level SIV Course, I obtained the highest index of the Ippi Card, International charter of piloting and training level as delegated by FAI, from the Aero Club of Italy.

Who do I recommend paragliding? To anyone, at least once in their life!

eseguire il volo in parapendio biposto enrico riva

I’m Enrico Riva and this is my story with Paragliding.


Do you want to live a wonderful experience?

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