Choose the flight mode and give an emotion to take your breath away!

  • Soft Fly
  • 90
  • Recommended for those approaching this discipline for the first time, to become aware of having taken their feet off the ground safely, walking in the air and admiring beautiful breathtaking landscapes.

    Duration 15-20 minutes

    Video  Included

  • Fly Plus
  • 150
  • For the more enterprising passengers who want to experience the adrenaline of thermal flying between plains, hills and mountains and admire the most important promontories of the Agro Pontino, with the possibility of piloting the vehicle.

    Duration  40-45 minutes

    Video  Included

  • Fly Cross Country
  • 350
  • For all enthusiasts with flying experiences. Depending on the weather conditions it will be possible to reach distances ranging from 30 to 80 km in flight by exploiting the thermals and the permitted altitudes with the possibility of piloting the vehicle.

    Duration  2-3 hours

    Video  Included


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    * The contribution includes: insurance policy, annual association card, disposable material, management cost. Operation outside the VAT field, pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 4 of Presidential Decree 633/72.

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    The Tandem Paragliding flight is a unique experience to be discovered at least once in a lifetime. Give the perfect gift to whoever you want on Norma‘s beautiful landscapes.

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