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Ready for the adventure?

After confirmation of the weather conditions that allow us to fly in total safety, the meeting point is in the parking lot of ancient Norba, where you leave the car and walk towards take-off.

After crossing the path of the ancient city of Norba you reach the flight area, the pilot evaluates the conditions, has the forms for the regulation and the declaration of fitness to fly.

Following, after showing the equipment that will be used to perform the flight, a short briefing, based on the flight mode chosen, will illustrate the behavior to be adopted during take-off, flight and landing with simulations of the three phases.

Having learned the necessary precautions and assessed the safe and ideal conditions, the passengers, accompanied by the pilot, will be ready to fly and experience a unique and indescribable emotion.



To ensure that the flight activity takes place in total safety the passenger should follow the following rules.

  • clothing suitable for the current season and provide yourself with a windbreaker, hiking shoes or trainers
  • before flying it is important to fast or eat at least light food
  • the glasses must be made of sports plastic, not glass
  • if you feel nauseous or feel unwell during the flight, it is advisable to notify the pilot immediately
  • it is good to follow all the instructions that are given to you during the briefing and then in flight
And then:
  • the material is provided by the ASD Sport Extreme Norma (helmet, harness and video camera)
  • the passenger can take personal belongings on the flight, the harness is equipped with a rear pocket for storing them
  • the pilot in charge reserves the right to cancel flights at any time if the weather conditions do not exist
  • the qualified and authorized pilots for passenger transport are decided by the board of directors of the ASD Sport Extreme Norma
  • the passenger is responsible for the personal information provided to the pilot
  • the pilot reserves the right to cancel the flight for passengers weighing more than 100 kg due to certain weather conditions
eseguire il volo in parapendio biposto
eseguire il volo in parapendio biposto enrico riva


Trekking shoes, clothes according to season (a difference of 4-6 degrees from the ground is also calculated).

Non-glass sports glasses may be worn.

During the summer, even if it is very hot, a windbreaker is recommended.

The equipment is provided by the association (harness, helmet, video camera).



Frequently asked questions.

Who can try tandem paragliding flight?

Anyone who has the desire can take a tandem paragliding flight, without attending any courses. No particular flying knowledge or specific physical qualities are required, however a good state of health is required. For minors under the age of 18, written and signed consent from both parents or guardians is required, also providing a copy of the document.

Are there any weight limits in the flight?

Two-seater paragliders normally carry total weights between 140 and 230 kg in flight. Net of the pilot and flight equipment, a range of approximately 55 to 105 kg remains available for the dressed passenger.

What should the passenger do during take off and landing?

During take-off, the passenger must go along with the flight of the pilot, carefully following his instructions. The take-off, which is very similar to a chairlift departure, is a phase that requires the utmost attention and concentration. The landing phase, on the other hand, is completely managed by the pilot, the passenger is only required to mention a few steps when touching the ground.


Flight mode

Choose the flight mode that suits you best, or that you want to give as a gift, and book it now.

  • Soft Fly
  • 90
  • Recommended for those approaching this discipline for the first time, to become aware of having taken their feet off the ground safely, walking in the air and admiring beautiful breathtaking landscapes.

    Duration 15-20 minutes

    Video  Included

  • Fly Plus
  • 150
  • For the more enterprising passengers who want to experience the adrenaline of thermal flying between plains, hills and mountains and admire the most important promontories of the Agro Pontino, with the possibility of piloting the vehicle.

    Duration  35-40 minutes

    Video  Included

  • Fly Cross Country
  • 190
  • For all enthusiasts with flying experiences. Depending on the weather conditions it will be possible to reach distances ranging from 15 to 20 km in flight by exploiting the thermals and the permitted altitudes with the possibility of piloting the vehicle.

    Duration  60-70 minutes

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